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Businesswoman’s Fault

Set against the restless background of Nairobi’s corporate world, these seven stories deal with a diversity of issues and show emerging challenges facing Africans today especially in their struggle to survive, peopled by shrewd businessmen, corrupt Government technocrats, shady conmen and Okang’a Ooko's own particular brand of nasty women.



Bengaman tells the story of a benga guitarist fighting to beat the odds in his own way. As a leader of music freaks in Kisumu's nefarious darkness, Otis Dundos encounters upsurging whirlpools of survival, exploitation, greed, feuds, and revenge. Despite all the hysteria, he makes a fairly good case for extraordinary achievement backmasking in benga music.


When You Sing To The Fishes

Guitarist Otis Dundos is back in Kisumu. He is back for some unfinished business. He is searching for sanity and happiness. Happiness? In Kisumu lives the woman whose unfulfilled love still dwells his heart. But the moment he steps into Kisumu, he is thrown into a nightmare of intrigue, frustrations and stark terror. His mind is too bamboozled to even think.


  • She is a hunter and he is a gatherer. She is an enterprise builder; he has a penchant for making money. But they have to be married because they both want one thing. Power


    The plot is cunning and intricate...


    In the end, there are two strands running through Rapudo's life that are utterly incompatible. On the one hand is Evalyne, a rare woman of Nairobi, a political animal with Nairobian integrity and intelligence, and his own undistinguished business acumen and political ambition, a combination to bring him power, success and obscurity; on the other his fame, wealth and reputation, a one-off political game that cannot be lost, and only Rapudo knows why. Then there's Kassela. She is ideal. She is the hunter. "The plot is cunning and intricate, the atmosphere sustained and terrifying, the characterisation never falters."



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    Kassela, an ambitious marketing pro, is covertly orchestrating her destiny in advertising. Her marriage to the millionaire Rapudo presents her with the seat of power her heart truly yearned and she evolves into a cold blooded political animal. Love, business, power and politics are at play here. They are married because they both want Power.  Her greed now wants to consume her like fire even before she reaches her goal. She must fight.



    The story of the fatal 1969 "Russia massacre" in Kisumu. Before the Russia shooting, the five boys were ornery and full of life. They were all going to be somebody. After the tragic accident, Odongo's world is shattered. He is broken by circumstance, unable to deal with reality he cons his way around Kisumu trying to find a new way of living, make sense of the truth and learn lessons along the way.



    This is a portrait of two people running from a troubled past and moving towards an uncertain future. Set in Mombasa, Kenya’s famed coastal city rich historical heritage and Swahili culture, it is a haunting look at loneliness, the struggle for love, belonging and independence whose beauty lies in its subtlety, its emotional nuances. And Mombasa is glamorous, seductive, magical, always looped around by the sensuous, unrelenting rhythm of night clubs and beach parties.


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